“Yukawa Mind” Inherited by Osaka University

The blackboard that Dr. Hideki Yukawa used to regularly write down his “ideas” on was set up at Osaka University Graduate School of Science and stays close to the active place of discussion and deliberation.

A strong will to carry on creative research activities and searches for truth.
“Yukawa Mind” is inherited by Osaka University researchers and students who explore the present and future of science.

What is happening in the world now and what kind of future is ahead of us?
Knowing may change something tomorrow.
Come to our lectures. They will satisfy your desire of “knowing” from the perspectives of the most advanced physics and natural science.

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Hideki Yukawa’s research at Osaka University

Hideki Yukawa conducted research at Osaka University, exploring the world of physics. Find out what kind of research he was engaged in and what led to his discoveries that made him Japan’s first Nobel Prize winner.

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