Osaka University Yukawa Memorial conducts a variety of activities in support of people aspiring to tackle new areas of learning.


Hideki Yukawa was engaged in research in physics as a lecturer and assistant professor at the School of Science of former Osaka Imperial University from 1933 to 1939. In 1934, Yukawa announced a breakthrough paper and presented his idea that the pi meson (pion) mediates nuclear forces that bind the protons and neutrons in the nucleus at the center of the atom. The meson whose existence was predicted by Yukawa was discovered in 1947. In December 1949, Hideki Yukawa was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics. Osaka University Yukawa Memorial was established in 1953 in honor of his research achievements at Osaka University. Yukawa Memorial has been serving its purpose successfully thanks to the support and efforts of many people including the successive generations of Osaka University President.


Display of historical materials related to Osaka University and Hideki Yukawa

Various historical materials left by Hideki Yukawa are exhibited to give a glimpse into Yukawa’s energetic and diligent research activities.
Also on display are lecture manuscripts, drafts of papers, calculation notes, letters, academic programs and other historical materials.

Archive of historical materials

Passing down Yukawa’s favorite blackboard to the future generations

Yukawa’s blackboard will be exhibited, together with display panels and videos, at Osaka University during the spring university festival (Icho Festival), so the visitors can touch and feel the actual blackboard and Yukawa’s research passion.

Yukawa Memorial Lectures

Yukawa Memorial Lectures are held annually to make known not only physics—Hideki Yukawa’s specialized field of study—but also the latest achievements and intriguing topics in related academic fields.

An opportunity to learn the most advanced physics for senior high school students
Saturday Afternoon Physics

The lecture-style hands-on program is available to senior high school students with curious minds. The program is designed to provide the latest information on the nature of physics and help develop their own perspectives of nature.

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Osaka University Yukawa Memorial is operated and managed by the Yukawa Memorial Committee (chairman: Shinya Kanemura) in the Graduate School of Science.
Information materials pertaining to Dr. Hideki Yukawa are also posted on Osaka University’s Open Course Ware (OCW) site.

On the 1st April 2022, Osaka University Yukawa Memorial was transferred from the Museum of Osaka University to the Graduate School of Science.